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Φ5.0x74m Rotary Kiln

Technical Parameters ofφ5.0x74m Rotary Kiln:
1. Name of equipment: Y5074 rotary kiln
2. Application: 6000t/d dry process cement production line
3. Specification: Φ5.0x74m(inner diameter of cylinderxlength)
4. Type: single driving, single hydraulic thrust roller
5. Amount of supports: 3
6. Inclination: 4%(sine)
7. Rotating speed g: main driving: 0.35 ~4r/min; auxiliary driving: 7.58r/h.
8. Sealing mode: kiln head: sheet steel sealing; kiln end: air cylinder sealing
9. Cooling of kiln head: air cooling
10. Main driving motor: ZSN4-450-092
       Power: 710 kW
       Voltage: 660V
       Rotating speed: 1000r/min
       Speed adjusting range: 88.3~1000r/min
       Protection level: IP54
       Insulation level: F
       Cooling mode: IC37
       Starting torque: 2.5 times
       Manufacturer: Shanghai Nanyang Electrical Machinery Factory
11. Main speed reducer:
       Model: JH800C-SW306-28
       Center distance: 1760
       Manufacturer: CN Gpower Gearbox Co., Ltd
12. Tachogenerator:
      Amount: 1set
      Model: ZYS-100A
      Power: 8 W
      Voltage: 100V
      Speed measuring range: 0~1000r/min
13. Auxiliary driving motor:
      Amount: 1set
      Model: Y250M-4
      Power: 55 kW
      Voltage: 380V AC
      Rotating speed: 1480r/min
      Protection level: IP44
      Insulation grade: F
14. Auxiliary driving speed reducer:
      Amount: 1 set
      Model: JH280C-SW301-45
      Center distance: 620 mm
      Manufacturer: CN Gpower Gearbox Co., Ltd

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