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3.2*13m Mining Ball Mill for Slag
Product Description
Φ3.2× 13m Slag mill( Edge driving )
I. Technical parameter & technical performance
1. Specification: Φ3.2*13m
2. Production capacity: 20-25t/h ( Open circuit, Slag feeding not more than 25mm,     Feeding moisture: ≤ 0.5%, 
Feeding temperature: ≤ 50 degree, Wind speed in mill, 1.1-1.2m/s, Specific surface area: ≥ 420m2/kg)
3. Rotary speed of mill: 18.7 r/min
4. Charging capacity of grinding medium: 126t
5. Main motor: (Jiangsu Motor Plant)
Model: YR1600-8/1430, Power: 1600kw, Rotary speed: 743 r/min, Voltage: 10 kv
6. Main reducer: 
Model: MBY900, Hardened gear surface ( Nanjing High-speed Gear box plant )
7. Auxiliary motor
Model: YEJ225M-8, Power: 22kw, Rotary speed: 740r/min
8. Auxiliary reducer
Model: ZSY315-II, Speed ratio: I=100, 
Input rotary speed: 740r/min
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