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Φ 2.4 * 11m Ball Mill for Cement and Mining
Φ 2.4*11m Ball Mill
I, Main technical parameter 
1, Specification: Φ 2.4*11m
2, Capacity: 20_22t/h
3, Speed of mill: 21r/min
4, Fill capacity: 65t(max)
5, Main motor JR1512-8, 630kW, 6kV
6, Main reducer: MBY630 I=5.6
7, Auxiliary motor Y180L-6, 15kW
8, Auxiliary reducer ZSY224_100-I
9, Thin oil station (GYXZ-25A)
II, Material of main component part
1, Main motor JR1512-8 630kW/6kV
2, Main reducer MBY630 I=5.6
2, Auxiliary motor Y180L-6 15kW
4, Auxiliary reducer ZSY224_100-I
5, Shell Q235-B
6, Main bearing ZG230-450(ZG25)
7, Material of girth gear ZG310-570(ZG45)
8, Material of pinion 40Cr(Adjusting quality)

III, Supply scope
1, Rotary part 1Set
2, Feeding unit 1Set
3, Main bearing unit 2 Sets
4, Discharging bearing unit 1Set
5, Liner 1Set
6, Division supporting unit 1Set
7, Driving unit 1Set
8, Main motor 1Unit
9, Main reducer 1Unit
10, Auxiliary motor 1Unit
11, Auxiliary reducer 1Unit
12, Oil station 2Units
13, electric cabinet 1Unit
14, Coupling 1Set
15, Foundation of motor and reducer 1Set

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