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Φ3.8*13m Ball Mill for Cement Plant
Product Description

Φ 3.8× 13m Cement Mill
1. Specification: Φ 3.8× 13m
2. Production capacity: 65-70t/h
    (Closed circuit, ordinary carbonate cement, specific surface area: 350m2/Kg,
      feeding size≤ 25mm, moisture≤ 0.5%, air speed in mill ≥ 0.5m/s. )
3. Mill rotary speed: 17± 0.1r/min
4. Charging capacity of grinding medium: 185t
5. Support pattern: Sliding shoe bearing or main bearing
6. Motor power: 2500kw
7. Lubrication for the supporting device: Adopt the thin oil lubricating station with high pressure buoyancy lift: Total four sliding shoes GYXZ-40 (L/min) [or main bearing GYXZ-63A (L/min)]
8. Temperature measuring device for the supporting device: Each has one set of temperature measuring device with WZP-201 end thermal resistance.
9. Water consumption:
A. Sliding shoe support: Sliding shoe 1.5× 4m3/h, lubricating oil station: 4× 3.6m3/h, oil station for single side double driving reducer 32m3/h.
B. Main bearing: Main bearing 2× 3m3/h, lubricating oil station 5.7m3/h, oil station for center driving reducer 32m3/h.
10. Total weight of the equipment: 223t (Exclude the driving system and the grinding medium).


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