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Φ 3.2 * 13m Ball Mill for Cement Grinding and Mine Grinding Mill
Φ 3.2× 13m high fineness cement mill

A): Main technical parameter & performances
1, specification: Φ 3.2× 13m
2, production capacity: 55-60t/h
    (Open circuit current general Portland cement, specific surface area≥ 320m2/kg,
     feeding size≤ 10mm, feeding moisture≤ 0.5%, feeding temperature≤ 50° C,
     air speed in mill1.1-1.2m/s)

3, mill speed: 18.7r/min
4, Loading capacity of grinding medium: 120t(max)
5, main reducer: ( jiang dian)
    Model: YRl600-8/1430, power1600kW, speed: 743r/min, voltage: 6kV/10KV
6, main reducer:
    Model: JDXl00 input speed 740r/min speed ratio=7.15
7, Auxiliary motor:
    Model: YEJ225M-8, power: 22kW, speed: 740r/min
8, Auxiliary reducer:
    Model: ZSY 315-I speed ratio: I=100, input speed: 740r/min
9, cooling method: Water
10, lubrication method: Thin oil lubricating station (GYXZ-40A, )
    (1) low pressure system
         Flow: 40L/min oil supply pressure: 0.4Mpa, model of pump: CB-B63
         Oil-in temperature: 40± 3° C
        Motor: Y112M-6 B35 2.2kW
(2) high pressure system
      Model of pump: 2.5MCY14-1B
      Flow: 2.5L/min
      Oil supply pressure: 32MPa
      Motor: Y112M-6 2.2kW
(3) Other performances
     Oil tank capacity: 1m3
     Filtering precision: 0.08mm
     Filtering area: 0.19m2
     Cooling area: 5m2
     Cooling water consumption: 3.6m3/h
     Power of heater: 3kW× 3
    Working medium: N220_N320
11, weight of mill: 227t

Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd is a manufacturing & exporting base of cement machinery & complete sets of cement equipments. Pengfei Group has the ability of supplying 6m rotary kiln, ball mill for cement production line with daily capacity of less than 10000tons, full set of compound fertilizer equipments with annual capacity of 500, 000tons and active lime production line with daily capacity of leas than 1000tons.

Our company promise that product quality & business standing perseverely, cooperating with National Building Material Design Institute, gradually developing new technology and new product. 11products has passed the provincial identification, 6PCS products are approved to be national new products, 5 products gained provincial high quality product certificate, 4 products has been awarded high & new technical product certificate as well as 35 patents. Others, our main products: Pengfei rotary kiln, ball mill, crusher, cooler, conditioning tower, dust filter, vertical kiln, roller mill and dryer, etc. Cement mechanical equipments, electrical controlling equipment and so on.

Meanwhile Pengfei Group continuously updating the processing equipments now we have 12PCS φ 12m, φ 10m, φ 9m, φ 5m, φ 3.2m vertical lathes, 12PCS φ 7.3× 20m, φ 6.2× 18m, φ 5× 15m floor lathes, 8PCS φ 12m, φ 10m, φ 8m, φ 5m hobbing machine, 56PCS different cranes with capacity of 400t, 200t, 150t, 100t, 75t, φ 6.5m annealing furnace, 400t large-sized crane inside of workshop and standard. Implements multi-ways combination of production-learning-researching, establish open & stable cooperation with colleagues & institutes, assimilate international advanced scientific achievements, form our own technical advantages, gradually expand & rich Pengfei researching & developing center.

After 40 years development, we have formed a compete set of best quality services on turn-key basis with designing, manufacturing, erection, debugging and commissioning for new type dry process rotary kiln production line. So our products not only sell good in domestic market, but also export to Armenia, Laos,Turkey, Bangladesh, etc. In recent years, we have undertaken φ 4.3× 64m rotary kiln & φ 3.8*13m ball mill for 3 production line for Pakistan Lucky Cement Plant; 2.6*(5.5+2.5)m wind swept coal mill for Thayet Cement Plant, one set of HRM1300 vertical mill for Bolivia Cement Plant, rotary kiln and cement mill of 2PCS 2500tpd cement production line for Vietnam Ceser Cement Plant; Turnkey project of 800tpd cement production line for Azerbaijan GEMIKAYA Cement Plant, 1500tpd cement production line for Rwanda Cement Plant in Africa, 2500tpd cement production line for Russia BOJIRA cement plant and 3000tpd cement production line for Algeria Sarl cement plant and so on. 

Welcome to visit our company and freely to contact us.

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