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4.2X13m Ball Mill for Cement Grinding
We can provide various ball mill for cement industry and other industry.

4.2X13m Ball Mill for Cement Grinding
Detailed technical specification about Φ4.2×13m Cement mill
(Center driving, double sliding shoe)
1.    Driving method: Center driving with double sliding shoe
2.    Production method: Equipment roller press and disassembling classifier.
3.    Production capacity: 130-140 t/h
      (Feeding size of clinker: ≤3.5mm,synthetical moisture:≤0.5%, Feeding        temperature: ≤50ºC,
       Fineness of finished products:350m2/kg.)
4.    rotary speed of mill: 15.8r/min
5.    Charging capacity of mill ball: 240t
6.    cooling water consumption for main bearing: 2×3.5m3/h
7.    Thin oil station (Equipping sliding shoe)
     Model: GYXZ-63A
     Cooling water consumption: 5.7m3/h
     High-pressure system: Flow: 2.5L/min   Pressure:32Mpa
                     Motor:Y112M-6  Power:2.2kw
     Low-pressure system: Flow: 40L/min   Pressure:0.4Mpa
                     Motor:Y112M-6  Power:2.2kw
     Electric heater: Y112M-6  Power:3×4kw
8.    Model of main motor: YRKK1000-8  Power: 3350kw
     Rotary speed: 740 r/min    Voltage: 10kv/6kv
     Model of oil station: XRZ-10
                     Cooling water consumption: 0.6m3/h
                     Flow : 10L/min     Pressure:0.4Mpa
                     Motor: Y801-4B    Power: 0.55kw
                     Power of electric heater: 2kw
9.    Main reducer JS150-B ( Sichuan Gearbox Plant )
      Transmitted power: 3550kw       Input rotary speed: 740r/min 
       Output rotary speed: 15.8r/min
10.  Model of slow-speed driving device: JMS660
       Motor power: 37kw   Rotary speed of motor: 740r/min
11.  oil station ( Equipping main reducer )
     Nominal floe: 350L/min
     Model of oil pump: XBZ-350
     Motor power: 11kw
     Rotary speed of motor : 1460 r/min
     Cooling area: 20m3
     Cooling water consumption : 32t/h
     Power of heater: 4×6=24kw

12. Temperature measuring device for sliding shoe: End face thermal resistance WZPM-201
Product Advantages: 
Here in Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd, we have a wide range of product lines for customers, and we provide overall contracting services for cement production enterprises, including technological design, equipment supply, and assembly and debugging of equipment. And we undertake international biding projects as well. Moreover, we also provide equipment and technical service for grinding, calcining, crushing, dust collecting and transporting in enterprises like metallurgy, chemical industry, mining, electricity, and environment protection, etc.
1. Cement plant: 
for this line, we provide various services including engineering design, civil construction, equipment,                                   assembly and debugging, technology services, and general contracting service.
2. Cement grinding plant:
our cement grinding plant has advantages of simpler processing flow, easier                                  operation, less investment, electricity saving, and environmental protection, and it can be mixed with admixture.
3. Industrial kiln and furnace:
our industrial kiln and furnace is widely used in fields like metallurgy, chemical industry, building refractories, environmental protection sector, and that.
4. Grinding equipment:
it is typically designed for grinding various ores and grindable materials for industrial and mining enterprises, and it can also be used for open-circuit grinding as well as circulatory closed-circuit grinding in conjunction with the powder classifier.
5. Crushing equipment:
our crushers are typically designed for coarse and medium crushing of ores and other materials.
6. Dust collector:
this kind of equipment is typically used in fields like metallurgy, electricity, chemical industry, building material, and many other sectors.
7. Cooling equipment:
our monocular cooler has features of compact, rational and simple structure, high thermal efficiency, low maintenance costs, less equipment investment and high-efficiency operation. And all of our coolers have the advantages of high efficiency and low operation costs.
8. Drying machine:
our rotary dryer is mainly used for drying slag, clay, limestone and more in fields of cement, chemical engineering, metallurgy, building material, etc.
9. Compound fertilizer equipment:
this kind of machine features easy technology, low investment and convenient operation.

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