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Quotation list of project general contracting items(一)
附件一Annex I:
工程总承包分项报价表Quotation list of project general contracting items
单位:人民币 元Unit: RMB
Item Number
Cost name and content
A   水泥生产线部分
cement production line part
1   设备和材料供货
Equipment and material supply
1.1   机械设备供货
Mechanical equipment supply
1.1.1 02 石灰石破碎及输送
Limestone crushing & conveying
1.1.2 12 粘土破碎、原煤破碎及输送Clay Crushing & Coal Crushing & Conveying    
1.1.3 81 石膏、混合材破碎及输送
Gypsum, mixed material crushing and conveying
1.1.4 22 石灰石预均化堆场及输送Limestone pre homogenizing    
1.1.5 24 辅助原料及原煤预均化堆场及输送Auxiliary materials and raw coal pre blending storage and conveying    
1.1.6 35 原料配料站Raw Material Proportion Station    
1.1.7 41,54 原料粉磨及废气处理Raw Material Grinding and Waste Gas Treatment    
1.1.8 42,52 生料均化库及生料入窑Raw meal homogenizing silo  & kiln feeding system    
1.1.9 51 烧成窑尾Pre heater & Precalciner    
1.1.10 56 烧成窑中及三次风管kiln & tertiary air duct    
1.1.11 57 烧成窑头clinker cooler    
1.1.12 481 熟料输送Clinker Conveying    
1.1.13 65 熟料储存及输送Clinker Storage & Conveying    
1.1.14 78 水泥配料站及熟料汽车散装Cement Proportion Station & Clinker truck bulk    
1.1.15 84 水泥粉磨及输送Cement grinding & conveying    
1.1.16 86 水泥贮存及输送Cement Storage & Conveying    
1.1.17 87,89 水泥包装及水泥汽车散装
Cement packaging and delivery
1.1.18 73,75 煤粉制备及计量输送Pulverized coal preparation and measurement    
1.1.19 300 机电修车间
Mechanical and electrical workshop
1.1.20 93420 中央化验室central laboratory    
1.1.21 总图
General Drawing
汽车衡truck scale 120t  4台sets    
1.2   电气及自动化设备供货Electrical and automation equipment supply    
1.2.1 02,24, 02e 石灰石破碎及输送,辅助原料及原煤预均化堆场及输送,原料处理电气室Electrical room of Raw materials treatment (Limestone crushing & conveying, Auxiliary materials pre blending storage)    
1.2.2 22,12,35,35e 石灰石预化堆场及输送,粘土破碎,原煤破碎及输送,原料配料站,原料配料电气室
Electrical room of raw material proportion(Limestone pre homogenizing, Clay Crushing, Coal Crushing & Conveying, Raw Material Proportion Station)
1.2.3 22,12,35,35e 原料粉磨及废气处理,原料粉磨电气窒
Electrical room of raw material grinding(Raw Material Grinding and Waste Gas Treatment)
1.2.4 42,52,51,56
Electrical room of Pre heater & Precalciner (Raw meal homogenizing silo  & kiln feeding system, Pre heater & Precalciner ,kiln & tertiary air duct)
1.2.5 57,65,57e 烧成窑头,熟料输送,烧成窑头电气室
Electrical room of clinker cooler(clinker cooler, Clinker Conveying)
1.2.6 66,600e 熟料储存及输送,水处理电气室 Clinker Storage & Conveying, water treatment)    
1.2.7 73,75 煤粉制备及计量输送
Pulverized coal preparation and measurement
1.2.8 81,78,84,84
Electrical room of cement mill(Gypsum, mixed material crushing and conveying, Cement Proportion Station & Clinker truck bulk, cement grinding & conveying)
1.2.9   水泥储存及输送
Cement storage and conveying
1.2.10   水泥包装及水泥汽车散装,水泥包装电气室
Electrical room of  Cement packaging( Cement packaging and delivery)
1.2.11   中央化验室及中央控制室,办公楼
Central laboratory and central control room, office building
1.2.12   总降压变电站
General step-down substation
1.2.13   柴油发电机房
Diesel generator room
1.2.14   厂区电力总平面
General power layout of the plant
1.2.15   机电修车间/综合材料库
Mechanical and electrical workshop / comprehensive material warehouse
1.2.16   给水处理,清水池及二级泵房
Water supply treatment, clean water tank and secondary pump house
1.2.17   循环水池及泵房
Circulating water tank and pump house
1.2.18   污水深度处理及中水回用
Advanced treatment of sewage and reuse of reclaimed water
1.2.19   压缩空气站 Compressed air station A    
1.2.20   汽车衡(1)(2) truck scale    
1.2.21   消防工程
 Fire protection engineering
1.2.22   全厂照明 Whole plant lighting    
    合计 Total    
1.3   给排水设备供货
Water supply and drainage equipment
1.3.1   烧成窑尾Pre heater & Precalciner    
1.3.2   水泥粉磨及输送
Cement grinding & conveying
1.3.3   煤粉制备及计量输送 Pulverized coal preparation and measurement    
1.3.4   给水处理,清水池及二级泵房Water supply treatment, clean water tank and secondary pump house    
1.3.5   循环水池及泵房 Circulating water tank and pump house    
1.3.6   给排水总体
Overall water supply and drainage
1.3.7   污水处理Advanced treatment of sewage    

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