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The opening ceremony of the Dushanbe New Cement Plant.

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On November 7th, President Rahmon and Dushanbe Mayor Rustam established a new cement plant in the capital city Точиксемент Unveiling. Mr. Wang Jia'an, Chairman of Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd., was invited to attend the opening ceremony of the Dushanbe New Cement Plant. The cement plant is located in Исмоили Сомони District, covering an area of 35 hectares. The project produces 3300 tons of cement clinker per day and is constructed by Jiangsu Pengfei Group EPC. The factory is equipped with necessary basic measures: administrative building, control center, warehouse, kitchen, and technical maintenance station.

The factory places special emphasis on environmental safety, using over 50 air purifiers to prevent the emission of harmful gases. In addition, the collected cement dust is also recycled, "the news said. It is emphasized that after the opening of the new cement plant, the old cement plant in Dushanbe is planned to be closed. The plant began operation in 1942, with severe wear and tear, which has had a negative impact on the city's environment and ecology. The new factory can produce 1.2 million tons of cement annually.
At the opening ceremony, President Rahmon instructed to plant 250000 trees around the factory to ensure environmental safety.
At present, there are 15 cement production enterprises in Tajikistan, including 5 in Hartlung Oblast, 6 in Sogdet Oblast, 3 in the Central District, and 1 in Dushanbe.