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Rotary kiln operation instructions

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Rotary kiln


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Table of contents



Ⅰ. Technical performance

Ⅱ. Principle of work and structure outline

Ⅲ. Rotary kiln operation

Ⅳ. Lubrication and cooling

Ⅴ. Rotary kiln maintenance, overhaul

Ⅵ. Safe matters needing attention


Attached list 1 Rolling bearing detailed list of specifications

Attached list 2 Along with equipment ordering electricity

Attached list 3 Spare parts, vulnerable table


Ⅰ. Technical performance

Item NameTechnical Parameter
TypeDry way production precalciner kiln
Specification (m)Φ3.0×48mΦ3.3×50(54)mΦ3.5×56m
Slope (%)3.544
NO. of the supporting seat333
Capacity (t/d)70012001500
Speed of kiln (r/min)When using main driving, adjusting cope: 3.63~0.726When using main driving, adjusting cope: 0.36~3.59When using main driving, adjusting cope: 0.39~3.91
8.25When using auxiliary driving: 6.5r/h5.1
Type of drivingSingle driving
Driving motorMain drivingTypeZSN4-280-091B,IP44YTSP315M2-4YJTG355L1-6
Rated power (kW)110KW160220
Rated speed (r/min)100015001000
Adjusting cope (r/min)100~1000100~1500100~1500
Auxiliary driving  TypeY180L-6Y160M-4Y200L1-6
Rated power (kW)151118.5
Rated speed (r/min)9701470970
Driving reducerMain during TypeYNS995-31.5VIBLZSY450-40-VYNS995-28VBL
Total center distance (mm)995989995
Nominal ratio31.54028
Auxiliary drivingTypeZSY200ZSY160-31.5-IIZSY200-45-I
Total center distance (mm)440352440
Nominal ratio2531.545
Model  of thrust rollerLiquid pressure thrust roller
Sealing model of kiln headSteel shim sealingSteel shim sealingSteel shim sealing
Cooling mode of kiln headAir coldAir coldAir cold
Sealing model of kiln tailAir cylinder pressure-tight end face sealingSteel shim sealing or othersAir cylinder pressure-tight end face sealing

Ⅱ. Principle of work and instruction feature
(Ⅰ) Principle of work: The rotary kiln is the main engine equipment for the cement production
The raw powder is entered kiln shell to calcined from the kiln rear high end. Because kiln body inclining and slowly rotation, causes the material to produce a kind of compound motion, which both along the circumference direction tumbling and along axial from high-end to low-end migration. The raw of inside the kiln through the decomposition & firing & cooling and so on process, after firing become the cement clinker, which should be dumped from the kiln shell low end, and enters the cooler.
The fuel is gushed in from kiln head, and carries on burning inside the kiln, sends out the heat quantity heats up the raw, causes the raw to be calcined and become the clinker, in hot air which forms with the material heat change process, enters the kiln rear system from the kiln feeding end, finally is dispersed into the atmosphere by the chimney.
(Ⅱ) Structure outline
The rotary kiln is mainly composed by the kiln shell, the transmission device, the supporting unit, the thrush unit, the kiln-head packing unit, the kiln-rear packing unit, the kiln-head cover and so on. Sees the rotary kiln diagram of mechanism.