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1.This is a high quality stuff!这是高品质的东西.
2.See Stable 1 for specifications.规格说明见表1.
3.This grade of wool can be sold at a fairly low price.这种等级的羊毛可以相当低的价格出售。
4.Standard :The paper was of  non-standard size.这种纸的大小不标准!
5.A   I understand that your product have some technical advantages.我知道你们的产品有一些技术优势。
         But your prices is very too high.
          We always buy in bulk.我们总是大量采购。
          and we place orders every month.并且每个月都下订单。
   B.    Our price include 3 years of quality guarantee.我们的价格包含三年质保。
           One more year than most of our competitors.比大多数竞争对手多一年。
           This is really our floor price ,这确实是我们的最低价了。

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